Telegraphic transfer

Option 8max Account Base Currency Commission Minimum Withdrawal (USD) Time Deposit
USD, JPY 5USD~30USD USD 5 1~12 Business days To request withdrawal


Option Method Commission Minimum Withdrawal (USD) Time Deposit
Mail 3USD 5USD 1~3 Business days 出金依頼する

How to withdraw funds

Withdrawal Priority procedure

Withdrawals is possible for customers who have uploaded the necessary documents and activated the account. You must log in to the Secure 8max Membership page and upload the necessary documents (ID and address confirmation). You will be able to withdraw funds as soon as your trading account has been activated.

  • STEP1

    Log in to the Membership page and click the Withdraw button.

  • STEP2

    According to your desired withdrawal method, choose an option.

  • STEP3

    Please enter your desired withdrawal amount and send the request.

  • STEP4

    The requested amount will be deducted from your trading account.

In principle,8 MAX will process payment / refund only to the payment source for the purpose of prevention of fraud such as money laundering and unauthorized use of cards.

  1. The deposit method not described in the member page is prepared, please use support@8maxtrading.com to the following application

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 business hours.However, after the withdrawal request is sent, the transaction account will be immediately reflected as a withdrawal 。 If you select an incorrect withdrawal method, your request will be processed according to the withdrawal priority procedure above. All your withdrawal requests will be processed in the currency in which the original deposit was made. If the deposit currency is different from the remittance currency, it will be exchanged at the actual exchange rate.